What is Barts Health and Queen Mary Univeristy of London (QMUL) crowdfunding platform?

Barts Health and QMUL have set up, on the Hubbub website, a crowdfunding platform that enables staff to raise funds for specific projects they wish to carry out in support of their research, service development, specialist equipment or other projects with social impact.
Our staff regularly devise ground-breaking ideas for improving our services and create inventive solutions to local problems. Often it is not clear how funds can be obtained to translate these ideas into practice. Crowdfunding provides a vehicle for presenting ideas in a public forum which is geared towards generating donations that will provide funds to test and develop novel ideas creating a pathway to implementing new ways of delivering our services.

Who runs Barts Health and QMUL crowdfunding platform?

Barts Health and QMUL work with Queen Mary Innovation Ltd (QMI), the Technology Transfer Office of Queen Mary University of London, who manage Barts Health’s and QMUL's crowdfunding platform. A Crowdfunding Panel of clinical and commercial experts is highly supportive in evaluating and screening applications for inclusion on the Barts Health Crowdfunding Platform.

Who is eligible to create projects?

All Barts Health and QMUL employees and those who hold honorary contracts with Barts Health or QMUL are eligible to use the platform and create a project. We encourage staff in all disciplines to put forward their ideas for consideration.
How is a project set up on the crowdfunding site?

Once our Crowdfunding Panel has approved the project for inclusion on the crowdfunding website, our QMI team will work with project teams to create promotional text and a short video that will be loaded onto the website. A funding target will be set, based on the cost of carrying out the project and the details advertised to our wide network of contacts and potential donors.

How much funds can you raise?

A funding target is set for each selected project, based on the costs of completing the work. There is no ceiling to how much you can aim to raise, whether that's £1000 or £100,000. We can help you determine how much funding you might need to complete your project.

How are funds collected?

Once a funding target has been determined a time is set within which the target funds must be raised; we usually recommend 4 weeks. The project is then launched on our Barts Health and QMUL crowdfunding website and a clock started that counts down the time remaining to each project’s fundraising deadline. The amount pledged against the funding target is also logged and if the sum pledged reaches the funding target within the deadline, pledges are collected from the donors.

What if I don’t reach my funding target in the allotted time?

Funds are only collected from donors if a project has reached its minimum target by the deadline. If the minimum target has not been achieved, then the money pledged by the donors is not collected. If the project does not meet its minimum target within the collection timescale pledges are informed that their proposed donations will not be collected.

How do I submit an application?

Applications can be submitted at any time, just click on the Create tab and fill in the application form. Your application will be reviewed by our Crowdfunding Panel. If your application is successful, you’ll be notified and we will work with you to create your campaign and launch it on Barts Health crowdfunding website.

How do I get in contact with the platform administrators?

You can contact us by email at crowdfunding@qmul.ac.uk, or give us a call on 020 7882 6650.

Once a project is launched how do project leads manage their accounts?

Make sure you're logged in, go to 'account', and click on the 'edit profile' button.

I forgot my password. How can I log in?

It happens to us all! You can reset your password by clicking the 'reset your password' link on the login page. You will be sent an email which contains a link to gain access to your account.

How do I delete my account?

Contact us using our contact form.

Can I change my email notification settings?

Make sure you’re logged in, go to ‘My Account’, and then click on the ‘Settings’ button. You can change your notification settings in the ‘Notifications’ tab. You will only receive emails about projects which you are following. To stop receiving these, go to the project page and click ‘Follow’- when the pink heart is absent you won’t receive email updates. If you no longer wish to receive our newsletter, click on ‘Unsubscribe’ at the bottom of any newsletter.

Starting your project

What types of project can I put forward for support?

Please login and view the project guidelines for details of the types of project that are eligible for support.

Project review and approval?

Our Crowdfunding Panel will review and approve each application before it launches publicly. We aim to review your application within 2-3 weeks. If the project meets our guidelines we will publish it on our crowdfunding platform.

Are there any fees?

We cover the costs of the platform so you only pay payment processing fees with PayPal.

Rewards to donors

Are rewards required?

Yes! We've found that offering a reward for a donation helps donors to engage with your project and encourages donations. The better your rewards, the more likely you are to reach your funding target. But remember, you only need to deliver your rewards if your project reaches its minimum target and after you have received your funding. This means that the funds you receive will need to cover the cost of any rewards offered Rewards are normally token, low-cost items that express our thanks to donors for contributing to our projects. For advice on choosing rewards, check out Hubbub's Rewards Guide.

Who decides on the rewards?

The project team decides on the rewards that will be offered to donors. The better they are the more likely you are to get donations. However, the cost and number of the rewards is also controlled by you, so do consider this when choosing them.

Can I limit the quantity of a reward?

Yes. When you add a reward to your proposal, you will be asked to specify whether it is in limited supply and, if so, how many you are able to provide.

After submission

What happens after I submit my project to the Crowdfunding Panel?

The Crowdfunding Panel will review your project after you submit the required application form, and it will aim to respond within 2-3 weeks. If your project is approved the QMI team will assist you in developing promotional text and a video after which it will be launched on the Barts Health crowdfunding website. At this point the project team will start promoting the project, and sourcing donors which is vital if teams are to achieve their funding targets. For advice on how to promote you project, you can visit the Promotion section of Academy, and we have some great advice and checklists in the Promotions Guide.

Can I edit my project after submitting?

Project teams can add updates to projects once published on the crowdfunding website to enable donors to keep track of the latest developments, but cannot amend proposals once launched on the site.

Can I change my minimum, funding goal or completion date after submitting?

No. It is not permitted to edit your project after submission.

Can I edit my project after funding is completed?

No, otherwise project teams would be able to raise money donated for one purpose and then spend it on something different. This isn't fair on your donors.

Can I cancel my project?

You can cancel a project by informing us using our contact form. We will notify the donors.

Can I retry if unsuccessful?

Yes. If you didn't reach your minimum target you can re-submit your project as many times as you like. However, we recommend that you make some alterations considering why you weren't successful last time particularly in relation to funding targets or Donation timescales.You can view advice on setting these in Academy.

What happens if funding is completed before the completion date?

Nothing! There isn't an option to end a project early. Donations are only collected at the completion date. We allow Sponsors to continue donating even after your target has been reached so you could even generate more funds.

Can I raise more than my minimum needed?

Yes. Your target is the minimum you need to carry out your project.

What is a creator and how many creators can I have on my project?

A Creator is effectively a “Project Lead” and there can only be one Creator account per project. However, project team members will be included in promoting the project. Project teams should get help from friends and family, societies, clubs, department members etc. to help create and promote the project. Ask them to click the “Become a helper” button on your project page - they will receive weekly projects stats if they do.

Can I pledge to my own project?

Sadly no. Credit card rules do not allow Creators to make a payment to themselves. This prevents individuals from attempting to obtain a cash advance. Please don't try it - not even from another account. PayPal may suspend your account, but may not tell you until after the project completion date. This will mean losing all of your donations.

Where can I find donors?

Finding donors is vital if you are to achieve your funding target. For advice on how to promote you project, please visit the Promotion section of Academy.


If my project is successfully funded when will I receive my funds?

If the funding target is reached within the deadline, donors who have made pledges will be asked to pay. Funds will be channelled into a ring-fenced Trust account. It will take about 15 days from the end of your project deadline date for payment to be made, although this can be quite variable. Project leads will be notified of the internal arrangements for accessing funds when funds begin to flow into the Trust, by the Joint Research Management Office Post Award Team.

Team leader’s responsibilities

What is my responsibility for answering questions from potential donors?

Donors will probably ask you questions about your project. They may want more information on the rewards offered or may ask for more details about how you will carry out your project, or even for more information about you and the team. It is recommended that donors are answered promptly. In cases where many donors ask the same question, you should answer with an Update to your project on the fundraising site so that anyone viewing it can see this information.

What if I can't complete my project as listed?

If this is the case you must cancel funding immediately. However, please be aware that this could damage your reputation and that of Barts Health Trust, so please do not do it lightly. You can cancel a project by informing us using our contact form. We will notify your donors, but you should do so too, and remember to thank them for their support.

What if I can't deliver a reward?

Get in touch with the donors immediately. Creators (Project Leads) who are honest and open with their donors will find that they will be very supportive although, in very rare instances, a donor may request a refund. When you submit your project you will be asked to agree to a refund policy, which we will make available to donors when they make a pledge. If you have any issues regarding refunds, please contact us using our contact form.

Information for donors

Can I support more than one project?

You are free to support as many projects as you like. The aim of this platform is to give you the freedom to make a donation towards any project that is of particular interest to you.

How do I make a pledge? Simply find a project you like and hit the 'Sponsor This Project' button at the right-hand side of the Barts Health crowdfunding page and follow the on-screen instructions.

Can I pledge anonymously?

If you do not want any of your details to be stored on our database, please tick the Opt out box which you will find when you make your pledge. As a supporter, you are free to pledge anonymously, meaning that your name and the amount that you have donated will not be shown on the campaign’s page.

However, if the Creator has specified particular rewards in exchange for donations and you choose to receive a reward, then the creator will have access to your name and details (if the campaign achieves its minimum required amount) in order to be able to send you the reward. You do have the option to pledge a donation to a campaign without claiming a reward.

When will my card be charged?

Your account will be charged after the project fundraising deadline but only if the project you pledge to reaches its minimum needed by this date. If the project is unsuccessful then no money will change hands so your account will not be charged.

Can I cancel my pledge?

We would hope that you wouldn’t want to cancel your pledge, but if you are sure that you’d like to withdraw your support you can do this by contacting the fundraising team at crowdfunding@qmul.ac.uk. Remember, if the project that you have pledged to support does not meet its minimum requirement you don’t need to take any further action as the money will not be taken from your account.

How can I contact the platform administrators?

Please contact us using our contact form.