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Beetroot Juice: A new approach to Heart Failure

A project by: Christopher Primus & Amrita Ahluwalia


WE RAISED £6,570

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This project received pledges on Thu 20 Sep 2018

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Good morning, I think that we asked for our donations (Readycrest) to not have the amount shown. We made the £150 and then the further £270 if that could be amended please. Thanks - Readycrest

A lovely idea of using food to help heart function. I have heart failure and if the project goes ahead and you need a volunteer I am happy to be a guinea pig Stephen

I have had a heart valve replaced and would be much happier improving my diet than taking medicines.

Thanks again David for your patience and perseverance, and of course your donation! Glad we got it sorted! Chris and Amrita

I wanted to donate £10-00 but could not change it from 1 to 10

Good luck Chris, sounds a great project.