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Beetroot Juice: A new approach to Heart Failure

A project by: Christopher Primus & Amrita Ahluwalia


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This project received pledges on Thu 20 Sep 2018
DiNOmo-HF: Putting out the flames of Heart Failure

Do you or your loved ones suffer from heart failure?

Have you considered the potential benefits of a healthy diet?

Are you interested in treatments that use dietary supplements?

We are investigating the potential benefit of a naturally occurring substance in green leafy vegetables, called inorganic nitrate , for patients who suffer with Heart Failure. We need your help to raise funds for our clinical trial to do this.

Heart Disease in the UK

The burden of heart disease in the United Kingdom is huge, with an estimated 7 million people fighting the disease every day. Around 900,000 of those people suffer with heart failure. This is a condition where the heart no longer pumps effectively, and struggles to keep up with the demands of everyday life. It affects people of all ages, and up to 1-in-5 of those over 70. We have some treatment options to help these patients feel better and live longer, but despite this many people living with heart failure often struggle with breathlessness and fatigue.

Can our diets help treat Heart Disease?

New science conducted over the last decade, has shown that our bodies have developed a clever method to try and restore heart and blood vessel health. Our heart and blood vessels make a chemical called nitric oxide, critical to keeping them healthy. However, this process is inefficient in those with heart failure. Recent research has shown that there is an alternative way to make nitric oxide in the body from a dietary constituent called inorganic nitrate, and that this can act to supplement levels when we don't make enough.

We have shown that supplementing the diet with dietary nitrate, using beetroots that have a naturally high amount of inorganic nitrate, exerts beneficial effects in patients with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and those having heart attacks. We also have some early evidence suggesting that nitrate-rich beetroot juice might help improve heart pump function in those with heart failure, and in the process, reduce a blood marker of poor prognosis. But we now need your help to complete a clinical trial to test this properly.

Meet the Team

Prof Amrita Ahluwalia is a world leader in the field of nitric oxide and inorganic nitrate, and has demonstrated the beneficial effects of giving nitric oxide back to the heart and blood vessels in heart disease. Over the last decade she has taken the fundamental science of these compounds from the laboratory bench to patients, and shown that supplementing our diets with nitrate-rich beetroot juice has multiple benefits.

Dr Christopher Primus is a training cardiologist with a special interest in patients who suffer with heart failure. To help these patients more effectively, he has taken time out of his training to enhance his understanding of the science behind heart failure, including investigating the potential benefits of inorganic nitrate.

Dr Simon Woldman and Dr Ceri Davies are senior cardiology consultants in heart failure. As well as leading this project clinically, they provide hospital and community care for heart failure patients across north east and north central London.

The Ahluwalia Group - William Harvey Research Institute, Queen Mary University of London

Our Target: We Need Your Help!

We want to answer the question, "Can dietary nitrate in beetroot juice help patients with heart failure?"

With your donations we can:

  • Measure heart function using state-of-the-art imaging
  • Use sensitive blood tests to determine exactly how the juice is working
  • Provide proof of concept for beetroot juice in our first 8-10 real-life heart failure patients

All your donations will go directly towards patient-investigations. There are no hidden overheads.

We are exceptionally grateful to The Derek Willoughby Trust and Barts Charity who have provided additional charitable funds for this project. Barts Charity have also generously agreed to match your donations pound-for-pound for the first £5,000 raised!

Any donation, great or small, will go a huge way to helping support our research into this challenging disease.  You can view all the work we are undertaking at:

Facebook: @beetrootstudy

Instagram: @beetroothearts

Twitter: @beetroothearts

If you have any questions or would like to help promote our research, please contact us at beetrootstudy@qmul.ac.uk

Thank you for your support!

Amrita and Chris