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Demystifying Neurosurgery for all

What is Brainbook?

Brainbook is a case based learning platform, which utilises social media to demystify neurosurgery for the public, junior doctors, allied healthcare professionals and medical students globally. Cases are brought to life using GoPro cameras to film procedures from the operating theatre, allowing Brainbook followers to see intricate anatomy of the brain and the delicate nature of brain surgery.

The Brainbook story

Brainbook was conceived at The Royal London Hospital’s neurosurgery department, by a medical student and a neurosurgical trainee who wanted to make neurosurgery more accessible to everyone, including the general public.

To begin with they begged, borrowed (but not quite “stole”), GoPro cameras to film procedures that could later be presented online. Their spare time was spent waiting for neurosurgical emergencies to come in and record the lifesaving operations; enabling Brainbook to bring them to life for the general public.

A few cases in, the borrowed GoPro camera died putting the whole project on hold for several tense weeks, until they managed to acquire another. This time, it was a very generous surgeon's brother-in-law who came to the rescue of Brainbook!

In the meantime, a few of the cases they had filmed went live and Brainbook’s twitter following grew. Within a month, Brainbook had almost a thousand followers and extremely positive feedback from students, patients and healthcare professionals alike. They knew they we were on to something worthwhile.

One camera allows for one surgeons birds-eye view of a lifesaving operation. However, Brainbook isn't sustainable without your support and one borrowed camera. If the borrowed GoPro fails again, the project will go on hold until another is acquired.

The Brainbook team

The project was founded by Priya Rogers (medical student), Alex Alamri (neurosurgery trainee) and Mr Chris Uff, consultant neurosurgeon at The Royal London Hospital. Since then, the team has grown to include a number of neurosurgeons, physician associates, specialist nurses, medical students and neuroscientists based at The Royal London Hospital, UK.

Where will the money go?

  • When Brainbook reaches its minimum amount, we will be able to buy video recording equipment to continue to make educational videos. We will also create an interactive website archiving cases and run a blog with patient interviews.
  • With extra funds we can buy anatomical models that can help us reach out to local schools, run exciting career days as well as podcasting equipment to add an extra dimension to the project.

Here's a breakdown of where the money will go:

  • 3x Customised GoPro Hero 5 cameras with interchangeable lenses (£1550)
  • GoPro accessories  (£473)
  • Website with 2 years domain hosting  (£2000)
  • 2x Seagate 2TB hard drive  (£160)
  • Rode podcaster microphone with boom mount  (£230)
  • Promotional material  (£80)
  • Banner printing  (£160)
  • Outreach travel costs  (£200)
  • Insurance for 2 years  (£302)
  • Safe (£160)
  • PayPal fees @ 3.5%

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